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MMF-1S  マルチモード・フィルター
Multi Mode Filter
3ユーロラックモジュール (3U)
幅 : 20 HP 幅 (1HP=5.08mm)
奥行き: 20mm (フロントパネル裏からの奥行き)
重さ: 0.4kg
電流 current draw: 50mA
MMF-1SはMMF-1にアディショナルファンクションを備えています。コンプレッサー、リゾネーターモード(Q peak mode )、サチュレーション、セカンドハーモニックブースター(2ND HARM)がありオリジナルシグナルをMIXできます。VCAミックス(スイッチ)ボリュームコントロール。VCAとMIXはエクスターナル・シグナルによってコントロールできます(VCA-MIX) 。MODE には7つのセレクト可能なフィルタータイプ(ローパス、バンドパス、ハイパス、3つのデュアルバンドパス、ノッチ)があり2つのスロープ(SLOPE 12dB、 24dB per octave)をスイッチで選べます。
マニュアルコントロールできるサチュレーション(SAT) インプット。
コンプレッサー(SATURATION  COMPRESSOR  RATIO でレシオ3:1/1:1/20:1をスイッチで選択できます。
QPEAK MODEではOSCモードかRESモードをスイッチで選択できます。




MMF-1S Multi mode filter
3U Eurorack module
20HP wide
20mm deep
Weight 0.37 kg
current draw: 50mA
How to use Cwejman
MMF-1S is MMF-1 plus (1)Compressor, (2)Resonator mode (Q peak mode), (3)Saturation, (4)2nd harmonic booster (2ND HARM), (5)MIX mixing original signal with (1)(2)(3)(4) or VCA mode. ( MIX VCA outputs ) .
The Multi Mode Filter offers seven types of modes:
* Low pass
* High pass
* Band pass
* Dual band pass——-with dual resonance (Q-PEAK) and controlled bandwidth by SPACING
* Dual band pass——-with single upper resonance (Q-PEAK) and controlled bandwidth by SPACING
* Dual band pass——-with single lower resonance (Q-PEAK) and controlled bandwidth by SPACING
* Notch——————with single or dual resonance (Q-PEAK) and controlled bandwidth by SPACING
The SLOPE defines how steep the filter cuts off the attenuated frequencies. It means, that the 2 pole filter cuts signal with 12dB/octave, the 4 pole filter cuts with 24 dB/octave. The higher the slope, the more effective the filter cuts. The CUTOFF frequency or corner frequency defines at which frequency the filter starts to attenuate frequencies of the incoming signal. The cutoff frequency of the filter can be adjusted by CUTOFF knob from 16kHz to 16Hz and tracked by the external signals CUTOFF CV1 and CV2.
The Q-PEAK (also known as “resonance” or “emphasis”) boost audio signals in the near range of the cutoff frequency and makes the tone sound more “cutting”. From a certain level on, the filter start o self-oscillate and works as a sine wave-oscillator and in dual band pass mode (in dual Q-PEAK mode) produces two-tone sine waves (the two-tones frequencies are controlled by CUTOFF and SPACING).
The q-peak can be controlled by knob Q-PEAK and/or by signal from levelled input Q-PEAK CV, levelled by Q-PEAK CV knob.
The SPACING control defines bandwidth for all three dual band pass modes and/or spread of two resonant peaks. The amount of spacing can be controlled by knob SPACING and/or by signal from input SPACING CV.
The audio knobs AUDIO1 and 2 controls the audio signals level coming from inputs AUDIO1 and AUDIO2.
The audio output is provided by output socket labelled AUDIO and is revealed by white surround.
MMF-1S is the expanded MMF-1 with voltage controllable saturation with compression and second harmonic emphasis, then a MIX parameter for fine timbre tuning between original and processed distorted sound or a VCA at the output.
The filtered signal is emitted at the MMF output.
The second part of the module is comprised of a saturation stage which distorts the signal in a nonlinear fashion. Besides the voltage controllable Saturation parameter which sets the amount of saturation, there’s a 2ND HARM control emphasizing the second order harmonics.
A compressor with three selectable compression ratios (1:1, 3:1 and 20:1) is integrated in the saturation stage as well.
The saturated signal is available at the MIX VCA output, yet the result depends on the VCA/MIX switch and the MIX control:
In switch position “MIX” the MIX parameter blends between the original signal (AUDIO 1&2) and the filtered/saturated result (SAT). This can be voltage controlled via the “CV VCA-MIX” socket.
In switch position “VCA” the MIX control has no effect and the CV input “VCA-MIX” turns into the VCA’s CV input.

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MBC-3  Multi Band Compressor  マルチバンドコンプレッサー
42hp  0.7kg
Dynamic equalizer  ダイナミックエコライザー


The MBC-3 contains a 3-way 24dB/octave crossover filter.
The crossover filter has 3 individual outputs for Low-Pass, Band-Pass and High-Pass
The crossovers are controlled manually and by CV external signals.
The crossover filter is followed by 3 pre-patched compressors to audio and side-chain inputs.
Functions such as compression, gate level, attack, release are CV controllable.
All compressor has an separate envelope follower (not affected by attack and release).
The outputs from the compressors are connected to the mixier with manual individual level controls.
The signal from the mixer is connected to outgoing VCA stage.


PH-4   4 フェーズ ジェネレーター
4 Phase Generator   
48,000- (税別)国内送料無料


全ての出力は同じシグナルフレケンシー、強度、形状を持ちますが、2つの最も近い出力間で90°の位相シフト(フェーズシフト)があります 。
0度/ 90度/180度/270度の4つのアウトプットがあります。
例えば、Cwejman RES4、QMMF-4、VCA-4MX、2つのVCO-2RM などのコントロールに便利です。
PH-4 マニュアル(英語)
3ユーロラックモジュール (3U)
幅 : 10HP 幅 (1HP=5.08mm)
奥行き: 25mm (フロントパネル裏からの奥行き)
重さ: 0.5kg
電流 current draw: 30mA
The PH-4 is a generator with four signal outputs. All outputs has the same signal frequency, strength and shape but with 90 degrees phase shift between two nearest outputs.  Consequently the phase relation counted from first to fourth output is; 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees. The main duty of the PH-4 is to controll four identical modulated devices.
One example; the phase shifter (phaser) is a signal processing device which substitute phase change components applied to an external audio source for the frequency components of the Tone. The characteristic of multiple phase shifters are controlled by the PH-4 so that the phasing effect doesn’t simply swing back and forth, like it’s normally used, but rather sweeps up and down eternally. The same effect can be achieved with filters, oscillators and amplifiers. Rate (or speed) can be controlled manually and by an external CV signal.
The modulating waveform can be selected by the switch; sine/triangle. The output level can be controlled by an external CV signal. The voltage offset is controlled by knob and by an external CV signal3U Eurorack module,

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RG-6   Random Generator


3U , 16HP



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RG-6 as central sound generator by poly_mod

Modular Synthesizer

2020年 Production mews プロダクション情報

S1MK2: Sold Out 売り切れ

VC-SC: production 製作中
AP-1mk2: production 製作中

SM-1: production 製作中
VCO-2RM: production 製作中
MMF-1S: production 製作中

RES-4: Scheduled 製作準備中
MMF-2: Schedueled 製作準備中

QMMF-4 : Schedueled 製作準備中
VCA-4MX : Schedueled 製作準備中
RES-4 :Scheduled 製作準備中
DFA-2:  Scheduled 製作準備中


4チャンネル ステレオミキサー

3ユーロラックモジュール (3U)
幅:20HP (1HP = 5.08mm )
奥行き:20mm (フロントパネル裏からの奥行き)



4つの独立したインプットを持つボルテー ジ コントロールド ステレオミキサー。



MX-4S  4 channels  stereo mixier

3U Eurorack module,
20HP wide,
25mm deep
power consumption: 30-40mA
Weight 0.45 kg

How to use Cwejman Ribbon cable connectors

User Manual MX-4S

The MX-4S is a voltage controlled stereo mixer with four independent inputs. All parameters such as input gain, panning and output again ( both left and right channels output level are ganged) are controlled manually by knobs or associated CV inputs. The mixer accept both DC and audio signals so it can be used for audio signals and control signals. The LED bars displays the outgoing signals strength. The performances of the mixer such as low distortion and low noise, are superior thanks to ” the state of the art” voltage controlled devices.


DMF-2  デュアル モード/スロープ フィルター


3ユーロラックモジュール (3U)
幅 : 16HP 幅 (1HP=5.08mm)
奥行き: 20mm (フロントパネル裏からの奥行き)
重さ: 0.4kg
電流 current draw: 40mA

デュアルモードとデュアルスロープ。4ポールモード。ローパスフィルタを4プールモードでエミュレートし、独特な6ポール ローパスモード、準モードとパスモードを加えることで音のポテンシャルを拡大します。AとB両方のフィルターは同一で、別々にコントロールできます。カットオフ(CM A+B)もマスターインプットによってコントロールできます。

両方のフィルターからのオーデイオアプトプットは、デュアルレゾナンス(ピーク、フォルマント形状のローパス、バンドパスモード)と(LPF A + BとB F A + B)を組み合わせています。フィルターは個別のオーディオインプットの他に(AUDIO A + B)インプットがあります。DMF-2は、インプットシグナルのレベル強度の影響を受けるノンライナートランスファー機能(non-linear transfer function)いわゆるサチュレーションモードを特徴とする。

LPF ローパスフィルターの設計品質と新機能により、DMF-2は非常にフレキシブルで、次のような品質をもたらします。

*CUTOFF, Q-PEAK are voltage controlled
*4 and 6 poles low pass mode (24 dB/octave and 36 dB/octave)
*Qasi band pass mode (6dB/octave high pass on the low side and 24dB/octave low pass on the high side)
*Saturable; from “warm” and “smooth” sound (at low to moderate level of incoming signal)   to heavy distorted “nasty” and “aggressive” (at high level of incoming signals)
*Ideal as “effect filter”
*Formant mode (dual peak) with summed inputs and outputs
*Stereo effects
*Low noise



DMF-2  Dual Mode/Slope Filter

3U Eurorack module
16HP wide
20mm deep ( behind the front panel )
Weight 0.4 kg
power consumption: 40mA
How to use Cwejman Ribbon cable connectors

User Manual

The DMF-2 is a dual mode and dual slope filter and emulates the familiar low pass filter in 4 pole mode and expands sonic potential by adding a unique designed 6 pole low pass mode and quasi and pass mode.
Both filters (A and B) are identical and can be controlled separately and by master inputs for the cutoff (CM A+B). The audio outputs from both filters are combined (LPF A+B and BPF A+B) with dual resonance (peak and offers “formant” shaped sounds in low pass and band pass mode. Filters has an individual audio inputs and additionally combined input (AUDIO A+B).
The DMF-2 is characterized by a non-linear transfer function, so-called saturation mode, that is affected by the level strength of the incoming signals.

The design quality of LPF’s and new features makes the DMF-2 very flexible and results in qualities, such as:
*CUTOFF, Q-PEAK are voltage controlled
*4 and 6 poles low pass mode (24 dB/octave and 36 dB/octave)
*Qasi band pass mode (6dB/octave high pass on the low side and 24dB/octave low pass on the high side)
*Saturable; from “warm” and “smooth” sound (at low to moderate level of incoming signal)   to heavy distorted “nasty” and “aggressive” (at high level of incoming signals)
*Ideal as “effect filter”
*Formant mode (dual peak) with summed inputs and outputs
*Stereo effects
*Low noise

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ADSR-VC2  デュアル  エンベロープ ジェネレータ


3ユーロラックモジュール (3U)
幅 : 20HP 幅 (1HP=5.08mm)
奥行き: 20mm (フロントパネル裏からの奥行き)
重さ: 0.5kg
電流 current draw: 30mA


両エンベロープ ジェネレータは同一で、制御電圧を提供。フレケンシー、振幅(アンプリチュード)、パルス幅、カットオフのダイナミックな変化に使用できます。最も一般的な用途は、ダイナミックな音色変化とレベル変化を実現するために、フィルターのカットオフ フレケンシーとボルテージ コントロールド アンプリファイアー(VCA)の振幅を制御することです。




ADSR-VC2   Dual Emvelope Generator

3U Eurorack module
20HP wide
20mm deep ( behind the front panel )
Weight 0.5 kg
power consumption: 30mA
How to use Cwejman Ribbon cable connectors

User manual

Both envelope generators are identical and provide control voltages that can be used for dynamic change of all voltage controlled parameters, such as; frequency, amplitude, pulse width, cutoff.
The most common use is controlling a filters cutoff frequency and a voltage controlled amplifiers amplitude in order to achieve dynamic timbre- and level-changes. All parameters such as attack time, decay time, sustain level, release time and output level are voltage controlled.


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RES-4   4 バンド リゾネーター


3ユーロラックモジュール (3U)
幅 : 24HP 幅 (1HP=5.08mm)
奥行き: 20mm (フロントパネル裏からの奥行き)
重さ: 0.55kg
電流 current draw: 110mA


4バンド ボルテージコントロール パラメティック リゾネータ
4バンドパスフィルタを2つのアウトプットにおさめ(BAND PASS/NOTCH)セウドステレオ効果を出します。

カットオフフレケンシー cutoff-frequency (16Hz-16kHz)
バンドウィズbandwith (50-0.2% octave width)
アウトプットレベルoutput level (-80dB ? 0dB) を全てノブでコントロールできます。

ピークフレケンシー、バンドウィズ、レベルは個々にノブもしくは外部シグナルでマニュアルコントロールできます。4つのすべてのリゾネータのピークフレケンシーとレベルは、CVインプット(MASTER CV FREQ、LEVEL)によって制御できます。ここのバンドのパラメータはボルテージコントロールできます。さらに、カットオフフレケンシーと、4つのリゾネータレベルを同時にモジュレートできる、2つのCVインプットがあります。スイッチモード:bandpass /notch/bypass switch.



RES4  4 Band Resonator

3U Eurorack module,
24HP wide,
25mm deep
power consumption: 110mA
Weight : 0.55kg

How to use Cwejman Ribbon cable connectors


RES-4, four band voltage controlled parametric resonator

The RES-4 is a four band pass filters in to two outputs; BAND PASS and NOTCH. The BAND PASS is a sum of all four filters (RES1, RES2, RES3 and RES4) in phase and the NOTCH is a sum of filter1 (RES1) + fiter3 (RES3) in phase and filter2 (RES2) + (filter4 (RES4) inverted. The result of these two outputs is a different frequency response with differently positioned notches for the BAND PASS and the NOTCH.
All parameters (Peak frequency, Bandwidth and  Level) can be controlled manually (knobs) or by CV inputs, individually for all four resonators. Additionally, peak frequencies and levels, for all four resonators, can be controlled by linked CV inputs (MASTER CV FREQ and LEVEL)

The RES-4 has two switchable modes: bandpass and notch and it even has a bypass switch.


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