SM-1 シンセサイザー・ユーロラックフォーマット 

マスターセクション、2つのFLO セクションフィルターセクション、2つのエンベロープセクション、VCA (シグナルフローは左から右へ)から構成されます。The sections : Master, 2xLFO, 2xOSC, Filter, 2xEnvelope, VCA, Inputs & outputs. The signal flow goes left and right.

Master : for TUNE CV or the FILTER CUTOFF and 3 switches connect LFO1,OSC1,OSC2 pitch for frequency.
It has an octave switch TRANSPOSE and GLIDE.

LFO1 & LFO2 : are identical and have RATE manual controllers ( speed ) .There are wave-selectors bellow RATEs. It can be controlled by external CV inputs and those are calibrated for 1V/oct.
SYNC input is common for both. LFOs has also outputs for the external use ( to the right on panel ).

OSC1 and OSC2: are identical but..OSC1 + Noise OSC2 + Ring modulator
It has manual frequency controllers COARSE and FINE TUNE.
OSC1 and OSC2have a internal sync switch.OSC1 is master OSC2 is slave. It menas synced OSC2 must have a higher frequency than OSC1 when it syncs.
OSC2 has a ring modulator, you can select.
PULSE with controller in Oscillators. PULSE has 2 modes *
Sawtooth + Triangle Sawtooth is pulse width control
You can control Osc pitch separately. FM2 follows 1V/oct.

Filter : you can manually control the cutoff
Cutoff 1 : has 3 different inputs. so, the cutoff can be controlled by *OSC1 & LFO1 *External CV controlled voltage and this is calibrated by 1V/oct& LFO2.
Cutoff 2 & Cutoff 3 are bipolar.
RES : Resonance self oscillating switch. SAT1: Symmetrical soft grip.SAT2: Hard Asymmetrical Tube like distortion. 1POLE/2POLE: multimode filter consists of 2 identical filters so you can have 2 pole or 4 pole and dual peak controlled by spepcing manually and external CV.and also single or dual notch.

Envelope: Conventional ADSR generator with looping A D envelopes when sustain is Zero.
ADSR and MMF have separate outputs.

VCA: the output of VCA is controlled by envelope 2 and external control of velocity. It has 2 modes: *Semi exponential and *Liner. VCA ‘s output is the main out put called VOICE.

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