4チャンネル ステレオミキサー

3ユーロラックモジュール (3U)
幅:20HP (1HP = 5.08mm )
奥行き:20mm (フロントパネル裏からの奥行き)



4つの独立したインプットを持つボルテー ジ コントロールド ステレオミキサー。

MX-4S  4 channels  stereo mixier

3U Eurorack module,
20HP wide,
25mm deep
power consumption: 30-40mA
Weight 0.45 kg

How to use Cwejman Ribbon cable connectors

User Manual MX-4S

The MX-4S is a voltage controlled stereo mixer with four independent inputs. All parameters such as input gain, panning and output again ( both left and right channels output level are ganged) are controlled manually by knobs or associated CV inputs. The mixer accept both DC and audio signals so it can be used for audio signals and control signals. The LED bars displays the outgoing signals strength. The performances of the mixer such as low distortion and low noise, are superior thanks to ” the state of the art” voltage controlled devices.


VCA-4MX  クワド  ボルテージコントロール アンプリファイアー ミキサー

2022年・製作中 In Production

3ユーロラックモジュール (3U)
幅 : 20HP 幅 (1HP=5.08mm)
奥行き: 20mm (フロントパネル裏からの奥行き)
重さ: 0.52kg
電流 current draw: 20mA

1+2(VCA 1+2 )
2+3(VCA 3+4 )

VCA-4MX Quad-VCA mixer

3U Eurorack module,
20HP wide
20mm deep
Weight 0.52 kg
power consumption: 20mA
How to use Cwejman Ribbon cable connectors

User manual VCA-4MX

The VCA-4MX consists of four individual voltage controlled amplifiers.

All amplifiers are identical and work in a semi-logarithmic mode. Amplifiers accept both DC and AC signals. The VCA-4MX has eight outputs for maximal flexibility. All amplifiers has an individual output, two summing outputs for all amplifiers ( both normal and inverted ) and additionally two summing outputs for VCA1 + VCA2  and VCA3 + VCA4 .

The VCA-4MX can be used as quad attenuator ( using all four amplifiers separately), as a four input mixer ( using summing outputs ) and as two separate two inputs mixers.

All amplifiers has dedicated level controller (knobs) and CV inputs which controls outgoing signals attenuation in semi-logarithmic mode. The manual controllers (knobs) determinates the maximal amount of controlled gain ( or rather attenuation ). The semi-logarithmic transfer function is much

more practical than a true logarithmic because it’s imitates the natural behavior of volume controllers.

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